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I love British Youtubers more than anything and this is the place to find them, I hope you like my blog! :3



lmao wow this is a real half-assed looking sheet, but thats not the point! 

Hey guys! My name is Kit and i’m opening up my comissions!


I WILL DRAW: OCs, fankids, homestuck, furries, ocxcharacter, youtubers, basically anything unless stated otherwise. 

WILL NOT DRAW: fetishes, nsfw, halo armor.

Recently my family has reached some hard times and not much money is coming into the house. My mother quit her job to get her degree which has essentially cut the income in half, it dosnt help that my fathers main mode of transportation had engine failure and is no longer in use.

So long story short, most of the money coming in is going towards fixing the truck, so that mean i have to get a job if i wanna get anything for myself, so here i am opening commissions. 

Commissions wont be open until October 23rd due to the fact that i’m underage and my mom needs to set up the account for me lmao…

Even if you cant buy one, please reblog! I’d like to be able to afford things for me and such.




hi :D

I’ve been really busy lately moving to Sheffield for university, so here’s the first picture of myself that I’ve taken in my new flat in Sheffield!


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If there’s one thing I’ll never get over, it’s how on point your hair always is.

Also you have really nice eyes ok I’ll go now

Everything you said about me right now was incredibly incorrect but good lord thank you